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Swiss Finance

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A timely guide to the complex financial markets and banking secrecy of Switzerland

Since 1934, when Switzerland's federal bank secrecy law was passed, the line between myth and reality with regard to Swiss banking has been blurred. But over the past decade, there have been dramatic changes in the pressures brought to bear on all facets of the Swiss financial markets and banking sector. Recent developments and agreements have potentially weakened Swiss banking secrecy, and with that said, it is time for a book that lays out the history of Swiss bank secrecy and puts these twenty-first century changes in perspective.

Swiss Finance is a thorough overview of the Swiss financial markets and the banking secrecy this country has become known for. It covers key topics to practitioners both abroad and in the United States involved in Swiss banking and the Swiss financial markets.

  • Discusses what the Euro-debt crisis may mean for the role of Switzerland as a financial powerhouse
  • Reveals how new secrecy agreements with the United States and Germany will impact private wealth management
  • Addresses Asian competition for wealth management and tax havens

Switzerland is one of the largest financial markets in the world and a global power in private wealth administration. Whether you're a private wealth advisor, Swiss or U.S. banker, or other finance practitioner involved in the Swiss market, this guide is essential reading if you intend on achieving future success in this arena.

Tools For A New Trade

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The basic premise: An industrial and consumer environment built upon ubiquitous connectivity, affordable and sophisticated computing, virtually unlimited data storage, and category convergences driven by the resulting information flows, will necessarily feature a different set of qualities (at every level) from those to which we had become accustomed in bygone times.

The fourteen chapters of this book isolate different aspects of the environment described - such as Fundamentals, Methods, Cycles, Leverage, Diffusion, Concentration, and others - presenting them with an emphasis on finance, strategy, markets, valuation, and general economic issues impacting enterprise and individuals alike.

Dan Ramsden has been professionally active in institutional capital markets and investment banking for more than twenty years. In the past decade his focus has turned exclusively to the digital sectors and their innovations, some early impressions of which are collected in a previous publication, The Age of Convergence.

The author's experience has taught him certain fundamental precepts, one of which is this: Everything changes, many things relate, and some things repeat. Knowing which of these things is which is the ongoing challenge in technology, commerce, and finance, which are all connected.


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Swiss Army Knife Flashlight Baton
Swiss Tool Sheaths Swiss Cards Mag lite
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Swiss Army Knife Flashlight Baton
Swiss Tool Sheaths Swiss Cards Mag lite
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