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New Literacies, New Agencies?

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From students as teachers' pets to teachers as Second Life avatars, or from being ridiculed for not knowing your syntax to ridiculing others through multimodal remixing, something has changed in the way people are acting and being acted upon through literacies. From parallel text processing under a cloud" to text-as-process enhanced by cloud computing, or from one laptop per child to several laptops left behind by children in creative spoken interaction, learners and educators' actions through and around texts and technologies provide quite a telling example of such changes. From writing as technology to blogging as a tool for fostering critical mindsets within complexity, or from automatized knowledge acquisition routines to new forms of relating to knowledge and new perspectives on autonomy, social ordering and Self constitutional processes defy binaries such as agent/structure, global/local, social/technical, virtual/real, or even human/non-human. In this volume a team of scholars from some of the most prestigious Brazilian universities address these issues, and illustrate them with findings from research on the interplay between new literacies, digital technologies and social action in and out-of-school. The chapters introduce, or revisit, an array of theoretical constructs from education, sociology, linguistics and media studies, while presenting a new inside perspective about how research on new literacies is being carried out in Brazil. Altogether, they provide a very useful set of ideas, tools and analytical frameworks for researchers, teachers, and students of Education, Language and Arts and Communication worldwide, especially those concerned with technology-enhanced education and social inclusion.

How Literary Worlds Are Shaped

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How Literary Worlds Are Shaped studies a wide variety of literature across cultures and ages. The main aim is to show that literature all over the world has for millennia employed an array of related themes and techniques. By its broad scope and detailed analysis, this volume offers the first extensive comparative account of the makings of literary worlds.

Stories About Naboth The Jezreelite

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In 1 Kings 21 we find a story about a Jezreelite man named Naboth who owns a lush vineyard coveted by Ahab, the King of Samaria. In 2 Kings 9 we find verses which very loosely relate to the story of the vineyard in 1 Kings 21 and which function to give the theological rationale for the murder of Ahab's son and the overthrow of his dynasty. Cronauer proposes that a close source, composition, and redaction analysis of the Naboth material raises serious questions about the traditional interpretation of this material and of its dating to the time of Jehu. He contends that there is sufficient evidence to hypothesize a much more complex history of composition and redaction, and, a much later dating for this material.

Mystics Magazine

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MYSTICS MAGAZINE: Bahai Mystical Theology - A Conversation with Bahaullah (For more info -

A History Of Food In Literature

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When novels, plays, and poems refer to food they are often doing much more than we might think. Recent critical thinking suggests that depictions of food in literary works can help to explain the complex relationship between the body, subjectivity and social structures. A History of Food in Literature provides a clear and comprehensive overview of significant episodes of food and its consumption in major canonical literary works from the medieval period to the twenty-first century. This volume contextualises these works with reference to pertinent historical and cultural materials such as cookery books, diaries, and guides to good health, in order to engage with the critical debate on food and literature and how ideas of food have developed over the centuries. Organised chronologically and examining certain key writers from every period, including Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen and Dickens, this book's enlightening critical analysis makes it relevant for anyone interested in the study of food and literature.


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Swiss Army Knife Flashlight Baton
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