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Never Wash Your Bread Knife On A Sunday

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Superstitions about food and eating it abound throughout time and cultures. A compilation of superstitions, myths, and food tall tales.

Knife Skills

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Good knife skills are key to feeling confident and comfortable in the kitchen. Chef Bill Collins shows you how to choose knives that will feel good in the hand, and then he shows you exactly how to slice, chop, peel, bone, and dice with ease. The clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations also show you how to cut and carve seafood, poultry, meats, fruits, and vegetables. Includes information on using other sharp kitchen tools, including microplanes and graters, scissors, vegetable peelers, and mandolins.

About the Author

Bill Collins is the author of four Storey Basics titles: Making and Using Caramel, How to Make Chocolate Candies,Knife Skills, and Making and Using Vinegar. He graduated from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. He cooked at the old Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston and directed new product development at Harbor Sweets (Salem, Massachusetts) prior to establishing Chef Bill, Inc., in 2001. He has been a professional chef, a personal chef, a food industry consultant, and a cooking instructor, giving classes everywhere from community colleges to Whole Foods to Stonewall Kitchen.


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Friends. Family. Housekeepers.

All's Fair in Love, War, and Knife Selling.

Check your dignity at the door as you stride across the welcome mat with Jay Hauser in this insightful and strangely touching story about young love, fear, manipulation, and the lengths we go to to succeed in a world that values charisma, competition, and acceptance above all else. Set on the elite campus of Dartmouth College and in the well-heeled reaches of the Detroit suburbs, this twisted and affecting coming-of-age novel provides a startlingly authentic and often hilarious glimpse of life through the eyes of an indulged and misguided young hustler.

Jay Hauser is wrapping up his first year at Dartmouth when he takes a summer job selling knives door-to-door to prove to Isabelle, the great love of his life, that he is charming enough to pull it off. His quest quickly becomes a dark obsession as he works his way up the knife-selling ladder trying to win the summer sales competition and lands neck-deep in an absurd subculture that is harder to break away from than he could ever have imagined. As sophomore year looms on the horizon, Jay's summer "break" has evolved into a hazy bender spent lying and scamming his way through all the places -- and people -- he once called home. Knifeboy marks the arresting debut of a fine young writer who reveals the unnerving reality of a ravenous generation in a lavish and unforgiving world.


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Swiss Army Knife Flashlight Baton
Swiss Tool Sheaths Swiss Cards Mag lite
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Swiss Army Knife Flashlight Baton
Swiss Tool Sheaths Swiss Cards Mag lite
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